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If you are
•    A single mom
•    A stay at home mom
•    A single dad
•    A married couple
•    Or any other category …. THIS IS FOR YOU!
If you are 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80 or above … THIS IS FOR YOU!
If you play mobile games on your phone THIS IS FOR YOU
If you have never played a single game in your life … Yup You guess it ………………..THIS IS FOR YOU!!!!
I am jumping on here tonight to share some details with everyone about a brand new RED HOT affiliate program called AMP My name is justin halladay for those of you that don’t know me. I am your master distributor here at AMP. It is my pleasure to be able to get on here and share with everyone
Let me first set the scene … if I can
We have 2 of the most profitable digital GOLDMINES ever, since the beginning of time, are the Apple app and Google play stores. These 2 store last year made over $75million dollars a day in revenue. CRAZY!  Let that sink in for a minute…
With over 4 million apps currently 2.2 million in google play and over 2 million in apple that’s a lot of APPS and A LOT OF GOLD!! The questions is… how would like to cash in on some of that gold ???
Many say Nothing has grown as fast as the mobile app and game industry and I’ve got to agree, and its only 9 years young, practically an infant still crawling around in diapers.
So with all these apps left undiscovered, it's only a matter of time before another PokemonGo, Candy Crush or Angry Birds comes along and steals the attention of the masses!
FACT is only 2% of all those apps generate over 99% of the revenue.  With so many apps it no surprise why most of these apps never see the light of day. Even the potentially great ones.
So what’s the big deal…??? There are millions of apps and games yet to be discovered
Introducing AMP the Associate Marketing Program
Finally an app store where great mobile apps and games get the exposure they deserve
You AMP store will be loaded with these diamonds in the rough. Handpicked undiscovered Mobile apps and games alongside some of the TOP producers and ALL in your AMP store
You will have the ability to share all the apps and games with everyone. Listen, People love playing cool new games.
Just imagine if a game becomes as popular as PokemonGO or Candy Crush through our marketing efforts… AMP will be passing 100% of the AMP store revenue made back to us the associates for marketing these apps and game through our AMP stores
Get your very own AMP store for a one time setup fee of only $32.99 and a low monthly license fee of just $13.99 … that’s it and since we will be in prelaunch for a few more weeks You can sign up today at no charge and get started. Included in your monthly license fee is an All-in-One done for you marketing system, No need to build any websites, capture pages or email responders. It’s all done for you. AND AMP will be continually adding new content, new apps and new games to you AMP store regularly
And here is the really really cool part. WE ALREADY HAVE ALL THE CONTENT. We aren’t waiting for some app to be built. Bugs to be worked out… There is no beta launch. The AMP store is already loaded with content. Thousands of apps and games!  If you notice in the title of this live stream a link to the AMP store demo video. Be sure to check that out.
What’s in it for you and how do you get there THE MONEY!!
Along with your AMP Store income, you will also be part of an extremely powerful 3X9 matrix.
Fast Start Bonus
Great residual income
Earn up to 3 places in your matrix. That’s tripled the income. Heck we already have people who have opened and filling a second matrix!!! HUGE!!

AMP Coming January 2017 … You will notice in the title of this live feed there is a link so if you are not sure how you found out about this live feed or simply catching later on a playback… you can lick that link and it will take you to a page where you can get started and setup your very own AMP store

Position yourself in one of the most explosive and addictive industries on the planet.